Shameera Prajapriya

Founder, Chairman

Hi, I'm Shameera Prajapriya

Shameera Prajapriya is an accomplished IT professional with over a decade of corporate experience and expertise in various technologies within different business environments. As an entrepreneur, he has
established several successful startups, leveraging his vast industrial experience and earning an array of accolades, including Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Azure and multiple national and
international awards.

Currently serving as the Chairman, and Principal Architect of Impact IT, Shameera is a skilled and experienced architect of cloud-based solutions and adept at developing innovative applications utilizing
various programming languages, including .Net, C#/MVC, PHP, and Progress. He’s passionate about innovating devices (IoT) to offer better solutions that cater to customer needs, combining his expertise in
microprocessors, electronics, and various other technologies.

Aside from his entrepreneurial pursuits, Shameera is an accomplished technical speaker, founder of Azure IoT Squad and STEMUP, an ambassador for micro: bit SLUG, and a chief contributor in winning an
APICTA Award for his product GnTracker, developed for LAUGFS International, which earned a merit award in Thailand in 2016. He is also an innovative thinker who enjoys thinking outside of the box, Shameera Prajapriya is a rare talent, deeply committed to driving IT initiatives and using his expertise to serve the global community.