STEMUP Educational Foundation unveils fully automated Volunteer Management System

STEMUP Educational Foundation, the non-profit organization with a focus on furthering Scientific,
Technological, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) knowledge among Sri Lankan students, has
launched a fully automated Volunteer Management System (VMS). The foundation has over 1,600
volunteers from professional organizations and universities who help to spread the message of STEM
education among the target audience of schoolchildren aged 11-13 years, 14-18 years as well as
university students.

The VMS, accessed via, allows volunteers to register online by entering their basic
background information after which they are allowed to choose their Technical Skills that include ICT
based skills such as Programming, Web Development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud
Computing and UI/UX as well as non-ICT skills such as HR Management, Entrepreneurship, Security,
Finance & Accounting, Management, Teaching and Mentoring. Volunteers can choose to communicate in
any of the 3 languages and select any STEMUP program from the Foundation’s expanding list that
includes Micro:bit SLUG, CoderDojo Sri Lanka, Machine Learning for Kids, Electronics for Kids, Hour of
Code, GameDev Kids, STEM Ambassadors and CareerLink Mentor.

Each VMS-registered volunteer is provided with a public profile that can be shared via a URL as well as a
private profile for internal purposes. Based on the volunteer’s number of contributions, over time they
will be assigned a series of Badges that range from Bronze, Silver and Gold which can be added to their
public profile. The VMS Admin verifies and approves all volunteer registrations and assigns projects to
volunteers based on a number of criteria. The VMS’ user-friendly layout and enhanced visibility on all
available volunteer opportunities makes the volunteer’s life easier.

The VMS also has a Careers Link where volunteers can easily find job opportunities and internships at
some of Sri Lanka’s leading organizations and thereby take their careers to the next level. The Careers
Link allows any organization to register to gain access to the STEMUP volunteer team in order to
publicize their job vacancies and internship opportunities. As a result of their volunteering experience,
STEMUP volunteers are known to be well-rounded individuals with characteristics that include a positive
attitude, professionalism, dependability, innovative ideas, problem-solving abilities, teamworking and
willingness to learn. Through the VMS, volunteers will also have the chance to join a Mentorship
Program where they can mentor others in areas such as building a start-up or finding a suitable job.

Prabhath Mannapperuma – Director of STEMUP Educational Foundation stated, “We are proud to launch
the STEMUP Volunteer Management System. It was co-developed in partnership with Impact IT
Solutions. This system will allow volunteers to easily register, pick projects to volunteer for based on their
area of expertise and availability, track their progress and be rewarded with Badges that will portray
their position in the STEMUP volunteer team. Additionally, with the Career Link they will be able to
further their careers by applying for vacancies at Sri Lanka’s leading organizations. Meanwhile,
organizations can access some of the most employable individuals in the country by registering and
posting their employment opportunities on the VMS.”

The STEMUP Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and engage
students to become interested in pursuing Scientific, Technological, Engineering, and Mathematical
(STEM) degrees and careers. The organization’s mission is fulfilled through the programs and resources
they offer to the South Asian community. The Foundation has educational opportunities and resources
for all. Most of its resources are also offered free-of-charge as a part of the vision of becoming a national
model for passionate support for STEM education.